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When you are packing up to start your move around Orlando there are, like everything else, right ways and wrong ways to pack, especially boxes.

Everything you pack needs to be attended to in the proper manner otherwise you risk damaging them or worse, destroying one or more of your belonging.

Depending on what you are packing you will want to pay close attention to the proper way of packing to get the best results out of your move.

For example, if you are packing books the last thing you want to do is take a large box and stuff them all in storage there. Books are heavy and when bunched together you will be creating a box that is ready to split apart and leave your books in shambles in the middle of a street. Your best bet for packing books is to use small, durable boxes that fit the size of the books and make sure to stack them cover to cover, in most cases this will allow you to fit more in the box.

For fragile items such as dishes, glassware and other breakables will need appropriate care, lest they become destroyed in the move from breakage due to improper packing.

Make sure when packing your fragile items that you have purchased materials that you can use as padding. This will help to absorb any shocks and hits that occur during the move.

Prior to loading any fragile items in to a box for your Orlando residential move you will want to pad the bottom with a towel, bubble wrap or packing peanuts. Always put heavier items on the bottom but wrap them with bubble wrap or newspaper to protect them. As would make sense insert the lighter items towards the top of the box as they will not be as likely to break when they are on top of heavier items. Try to not leave very much in the way of empty spaces and if you do, be sure to fill it with some of your left over packing materials. After you have finished, and as with any box you pack, make sure to seal it tightly with moving tape.

When you are packing other items in your home, whether it is paper, nick knacks, pictures, computers and computer accessories, music or anything be sure to never over pack or under pack. Obviously, over packing can lend to the box breaking and spilling out the contents that it holds, most likely causing damage to your things. However, if you under pack the box will have a good chance of being crushed at any point during your move and the contents will also stand a good chance of being damaged or destroyed.

Clothing and bedding can be packed in regular boxes or wardrobe boxes and you can also use large plastic bags if this suits you. You also have a choice of using older clothing or bedding as packing material for your fragile items. These hold your objects in a much safer way during the process of a move.

Remember to pack the right way so your belongings stay safe when you need the help of Orlando movers.

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